To the Captain America Steve Rogers team,

How does it feel to give validity and a supportable hero to hate groups?
Seriously… now every racist and homophobic parent has a comic to give to their children that shows them it’s okay to hate, because that’s what Captain America does. You’ve just glorified the very thing Marvel has made great strides against with characters like Ms Marvel, Moon Girl, Miles Morales, Red Wolf, and Starbrand and Nightmask.
Of course, controversy sells, and that’s likely why such a shocking step was taken, and no matter how it ends up, even if Cap gets beaten to hell and back by the Avengers, we still have a mainstream Marvel hero for those who hate.
I really can’t believe this concept made it through without anyone just stopping and saying “wait, do we really want to give hate groups a comic to rally around and love?”
Yours disgustedly,