“It’s all connected”.

That’s what Marvel told us. That the MCU movies were connected to the broadcast tv shows, and later, the Netflix tv shows. For a little while it was true. We had two Asgardians on Agents of SHIELD, Phil Coulson would name drop Captain America at times and Daredevil even mentioned the Battle of New York. That, however has stopped. With exception to references already made (ie. The Battle of New York) and one villain (Malik on Agents of Shield), cross references have come to a stand still. Netflix shows reference other Netflix shows, Agents of Shield references nothing at all, and of course the movies only acknowledge what happen in the movies. (I am ignoring Peggy Carter because it is not in the current time frame, but I will admit it does make the most references with a view of the future of Stark Enterprises and Roxxon).

So lets break it down. Captain America: Winter Soldier was the last major crossover. There were two minor crossovers for Avengers: Age of Ultron, one regarding Loki’s scepter, but no one that is part of The Avengers knew of SHIELD’s involvement. Before that Raina foresaw Ultron’s arrival but then SHIELD was not involved. There has been nothing since then and nothing at all this season of Agent’s of Shield. The one crossover from the movies to the tv show that IS happening now is Malik, who is a member of the world council, which was in Captain America: Winter Soldier, making it an old reference.

In both seasons of Daredevil and the one season of Jessica Jones, there has been occasional reference to The Battle of New York. There have even been references to the physical attributes of a couple Avengers, but there have been NO NAMES mentioned at all of anyone outside the Netflix shows. None whatsoever. Now mind you, within the Marvel movie universe, The Avengers have their own action figures. Phil Coulson has the whole set (as revealed in episode 110 of Agents of Shield “The Bridge). People know who the Avengers are. Yet they never talk about them by name? But even that I can forgive, I mean.. its a big world and the chances of all these various heroes running into each other is small right? RIGHT??

A vast majority of the Marvel Universe’s heroes live in or near the island of Manhattan in New York. SHIELD used to be stationed there, all the Netflix heroes live there, most of the Avengers have homes there (though many of them have multiple homes). Excluding The Fantastic 4 and X-Force because they are not part of the continuity (they also live on the island of Manhattan), this map is still a bit ridiculous.

New York

I put this together based on what we know from the movies. What we don’t know for sure, I filled in using comic book references. However even if my locations are not 100% MCU accurate, they are still on that island, so the point still stands. If a crime happens anywhere on or near Manhattan island, MANY heroes will be asking one another “You got this? Or should I take this one?”. These heroes KNOW EACH OTHER. Jessica Jones even states it pretty clearly: “You wanted to know how many of us there are? The last time I counted, I had 99 gifted friends, in this borough alone.“. Now she might have been lying. However she WAS briefly part of a superhero team. So she knows other heroes. But still, she does not name a single one. So where are the Avengers when a ninja clan has taken over a building? Where is Ant-Man when a man talks an entire police station into putting guns to their own heads? Where is Doctor Strange when the purest cut of heroin starts streaming onto the streets of Manhattan? Where is Hawkeye when a single man takes over all the crime in New York City? Where is Captain America when a vigilante starts gunning bad guys down in the street?

Why is this? Why is Marvel intentionally not name dropping to the point that they are ignoring the fact that all of these people live mere minutes from each other and would literally run into each other all the time? I can understand that Marvel can’t bring in Chris Evans to do an episode of Daredevil, that makes sense. However just asking the question would make this less of a slap in the face to the idea of “It’s all connected”. Here’s an example.

Foggy: “I don’t know how you’re going to survive this Matt, you should get in touch with Spider-man, I hear he’s dealt with this before! Plus, he you can probably find him really easily, he swings around Times Square just two blocks from here all the time. You can probably track him with your super hearing.”
Daredevil: “No, I must do this alone, FOR JUSTICE!”

It’s that simple.

So what do you think? Is this annoying you as much as it annoys me? Let us know in the comments!