“You will bring death to all that follow you”

The newest Batman: Arkham Knight trailer gives us a much better look at some of the things that are added to this game that we haven’t seen before.
Things like:

  • Fighting alongside the Bat family.
  • Fighting AS the Bat family¬†in the main storyline.
  • Oracle as more than just a pretty face.
  • The Batmobile and Batplane interlocking into one vehicle.
  • Azrael!

I really am looking forward to getting this game when it comes out and I absolutely am buying it for the PS4. The DLC season pass though? No matter how nice they make it sound, twice bitten, thrice shy as it were..

So what do you think of the new trailer? Will it help you get over the “meh” that was Batman: Arkham Origins? Do you plan to purchase this on release day (June 23rd) or even preorder? Let us know down below!