Don’t ask us how, but somehow in the Geeks of the Round Back Channel chat we got onto the subject of horror stories and all of us being in one.  Since we happen to know a damn good author, Giovanni Russano decided to actually make it happen.  So, submitted for your approval, is a horror story starring your favorite editors/hosts/vidcast guests from the Geeks of the Round crew.

This story is not for kids. It is a horror story, which means that it is bloody and violent at times. It also includes other forms of adult content including drug use and implied nudity. If you have any problems with any of that, please do not read this story. Geeks of the Round and its staff have no intention or want to offend anyone with this story, but if you are then that’s on you. You can download the full story, in PDF form, via the link in the image below.  You can also have Mr. Russano kill you on paper as well;  just sign up here.  Lastly, if you like what you read here, you can find his books at Mr. Russano did not ask for us to endorse him, and we paid full price for the story; we just really like his work and figured he deserved a shout out.

Here is an excerpt from the story:

  “No,” Charles said with his old man voice and crossed his arms over his chest. “I’m staying right here. I’ve had a good enough night, thank you. More partying is not worth the risk of entering that building and getting raped or murdered or stepping on a needle and getting Hep-C. No way. Not doing it. You wanna go? Fine. Have fun. Bye bye.” He waved and smiled sarcastically.

  “Dude, chill out,” Mr. Lou tried. “Don’t get so worked up over it. I’ll stay here with you and wait. If everything is fine then someone will come back out and get us,” he paused and thought, “Why is the first place you go always rape?”

  “It’s a legitimate thing to fear!” Charles fired back.

Click on the picture below for the PDF and Enjoy!

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