Geeks of the Round is a site for geeks, by geeks.  There are tons of sites on the Net for TV/Movie/Gaming news, and to be clear, we’re not trying to be one of them.  Seriously, you have any idea how hard that is?  Can you imagine constantly being on the lookout for news items and struggling to be the first to post something?  That doesn’t sound fun to us, and if we’re not having fun, why do this?

So if we’re not a news source, what are we?  It’s simple – we analyze the news stories, we add context, and we give our viewpoints as only we can.  We get ahold of news stories and wildly speculate about the implications of it.  Most importantly, we encourage interaction and discussion not only amongst each other, but amongst all of you as well.  That goes for the things we talk about on this site, and our live shows we do for each and every episode of the shows we like the most any given season.

News you can get anywhere, and if you’re anything like us you know the news stories the instant they drop.  We go deeper, we have a great time, and we invite all of you to join in the conversations and madness with us.


DeAno Jackson is the founder of Geeks of the Round and serves as Executive Producer and Senior Editor.  A long time geek, avid reader, MMA fan, newshound, and gamer, DeAno has written for both Examiner and PlayStation Lifestyle, was the lead contributor to KRNV News 4 Reno’s Webcast (which later became the Forum), a longtime contributor to Fox 11 LA’s morning celebrity Hangout show, and is a Google+ Top Contributor Alumni member.  You can follow him on Twitter at @EvoAnubis, but he’s vastly easier to connect with on Google+.

Matt Moore is our Editor-In-Chief and Lead Host, and has been a self proclaimed geek since he taught himself HTML at a local library in 1993. His first webpage was on Angelfire and a year later, he was one of the first people on GeoCities. Growing up in the 80’s he watched all the cartoons of the day, He-Man, Battle of the Planets, Transformers, etc. But when it comes to live action tv shows he loved “The Flash.”  Flash forward 20 years later Matt still watches geek tv and movies constantly. A virtual recluse, he forces himself to be social by making media. First by starting a podcast known as “Popcast Online,” bringing DeAno Jackson in to co-host. Then, a few years later, joining DeAno in his endeavor, “Geeks of the Round.”

You can connect with him via Google+.

Knuckles Goldberg has been trolling the internet since 1994. In lieu of having a family like most 30 year old grown ups, he dedicates all of his free time to television, video games, and the internet. We don’t really know what he does here, but he demanded a fancy title so we made him our Gaming Editor. In order to keep his title we forced him to moderate the GotR Community on Google+, be a panelist on our shows, and write articles/reviews every now and then. You can follow him on Google+, but please keep in mind the terrible things he says are not condoned or endorsed by Geeks of the Round.

Todd Grundle is our Associate Host and resident weirdo. We don’t quite know how he got here but he is so we guess we’ll have to learn to accept that fact. Much like we’ll have to learn to accept the fact that mommy and daddy just don’t love each other anymore. Todd’s interests are Horror, Writing, Writing Horror, Lobo, Bloody Stumps, Super Heroes that don’t wear tights, Extreme Violence (for the super heroes who wear tights), Stuff With Cenobites in it and eating Charles Weeden’s face. Todd considers himself an expert on life, the universe and everything. He’s also known as the most handsome man on planet Earth right next to Matthew Perry (or so he claims).  You can connect with him via Google+.

Ayoub Khote started reading at the ripe old age of four and hasn’t stopped. That’s over four decades of devouring books, comics, web pages, blogs… Anything with words. This makes him more than a little weird, but then, in this crowd, that’s a job requirement serving as our Comics Editor. When he’s not working or reading, he’s either playing games (on PC) or watching scripted TV shows. He believes that anything unscripted is an insult to humanity in general. He’s a true, multi-format geek!  You can follow him on Google+.