Ayoub’s Opinion – A Different Type of Racism

I find that the topic of racism is often one that automatically puts people on the defensive. I also find that there are many people out there who don’t see racism, even when it’s on a billboard in front of them.

Some of those people will be wondering why I’ve chosen Tarzan as an image for this post. Some people might even be offended when I say that the opinion piece I’m writing here could just as easily be about Danny Rand, The Iron Fist.

When I was a kid, I never really thought about it. Even in my late tenties, when Disney’s Tarzan came out, it still didn’t strike me as strange, but now, when I think cynically about the story, I feel a little uncomfortable.

Tarzan, and Iron Fist, at their core, are about a lost white child raised in a foreign environment, and rises to be the best in that environment. Tarzan, raised by apes, becomes King of the Jungle, above and beyond all the actual black people who live in the damned jungle. Danny Rand, raised by monks and taught martial arts, even as a later starter than his fellow students, rises to the top and becomes the Iron Fist.

The cynical old man in me sees these as stories where rich white kids (Lord Greystoke’s heir and the heir to the Rand fortune), because of nothing other than their genetics, are better than those who have lived for generations in their environment. It’s as if the authors, knowingly or not, felt that the essential whiteness and wealth of their heroes meant that they would excel above and beyond any other race.

Then, of course there’s the non racist counterparts. For Tarzan, there’s Jungle Book, and for Iron Fist, there’s Black Panther, both of which involve people of colour rising to the top, but they only do so in the lands of their birth, so while they are race positive, they don’t actually balance out.

What I want to see in the future is better balance. I want to see stories about people of colour who rise to the top of white societies, and no, I don’t mean rising to the top of the ghetto, or cleaning up the ghetto. Barack Obama is an example in reality for writers to draw from, and about the only example I can think of from fiction is Trading Places. We need balance added to the historical non-malicious, likely unintentional racism of white authors creating white characters that conquer the homes of people of colour.

Maybe some of the people who read this will write stories like the ones I want.

SDCC Gives Us Some Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tommorow Love

Hey guys, its Matt again, and as promised, we have the CW DC show sneak peeks. Check them out!

First, The Flash!

Next, Arrow!

Then, Legends of Tommorow!


And lastly a sizzle reel for last season of all the shows including a new addition, Supergirl!

So what did you think? Did you notice that Hawkgirl and Hawkman were not in the sizzle reel (presumably because they are not in the upcoming season) but Cat Grant is? I think it may be possible she will be in this upcoming season, but we will see!

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SDCC Shows Us A Wonder Woman Trailer And Justice League Footage!

Hey guys, Matt here –

I have been working all day and haven’t been able to keep up with SDCC as much as i’d like, but when I checked in at lunch I got a couple great surprises with the Wonder Woman trailer and Justice League footage. I’ve got to say that they both look good, but Justice League has me pumped! Check them out here!

Wonder Woman trailer:

Justice League Footage:

Tells us what you think! The comments in the GOTR chat are kind of split, with some liking Wonder Woman more than Justice League, but I really want to see the team in action.
Later today? The CW DC shows!

Netflix Drops Teasers For Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Defenders And More

Matt here –
I am happy to say that at San Diego Comic Con today Netflix dropped three teasers for their upcoming Marvel Shows, one for Luke Cage with footage, one for Defenders without footage, and a sizzle reel that contains mostly used footage, but some new stuff as well. Check it out!

First: Luke Cage!

Then: Iron Fist!

Next: Defenders!

Lastly: Marvel Sizzle Reel

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The Walking Dead – Issue 156 Review {Only MINOR Spoilers This Time!!}

I’m going to have to do this review different than I’ve been. Usually I go heavy on the spoilers for you, lazy non-reading bums fair readers, but this issue was MAJOR so this time I’ll keep my spoilers minor or non-existent if I can. Often we get promised or it’s speculated that a particular issue is going to be a key issue but usually, from my vantage, it’s mostly bullshit claims. Good issues, sure. Great? Hell yeah. Key… not so much and not in a while. I’m going to go on record now and say there was probably only 2 key issues since #100. 125 when All Out War ended and 144 when Alpha (or her people) took out a good number of fan favorites off page and then stuck their heads on pikes to mark the border of her land.

156 was speculated to be key and whoever said that was clearly in the know. This issue is not to be missed. A MUST READ for all fans of the series. MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR Stuff and Thangs go down in this one and for me, it was completely from left field. Sure we’ve pondered the possibility of this issue’s twist but IT REALLY HAPPENED. There’s no going back now. No, Rick’s not dead and Kirkman has said many times this is Carl’s story so breath easy, it’s not that kind of twist (though I can definitely see the events of this issue as the first step toward the former). The issue mainly revolves around Negan and it 100% ties into things we’ve been learning in the currently running Image+ side-story, “Here’s Negan” but that’s about all I can tell you. That and HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT!!!! Avoid synopsis’ of this issue, avoid the wikias, AVOID ALL THE THINGS… except Geeks of the Round, of course, cuz we know how ta be respectful.

In the aftermath of 156 expect another six issues or more of gripping reading. If this issue doesn’t set off the biggest series of events in Walking Dead history, if the bodies do not pile up as a result… well, I may have to give up reading because that would mean Kirkman and Co. have no clue what they are doing. Lucky for us, they do. Get ready for some serious shit in the months to come.