Voltron Reassembled

Matt here –
First off I need to say that I was a huge fan of the original Voltron series and as I got older, as with many cartoons from that time, the quality diminished because I got older and expected more. So when Voltron Force came out, I was on board. It was a follow up to the original story (Voltron of the Far Universe) and introduced us to some new faces alongside some old ones. It was really good and it did not talk down to the people watching it because it realized that it was as much adults watching as kids because we grew up on Voltron. Voltron Force would have gotten 9 out of 10 stars from me if it stuck around long enough to get reviewed.

Voltron: Legendary Defender gets a 7 and only that high because its Voltron. It tells the story of how the team (individually known as paladins) came together and their first steps towards defeating the Galran’s and their king Zarkon who has been ruling practically the entire known universe for 10,000 years while Voltron (and its guardians Allura and Coran) slept. While I was attempting to ignore the absurdity of that while watching, now that I write it I realize just how ridiculous it is that Voltron (and again, its defenders) slept during the time it was needed the most.

The format of the show was 11 episodes at an hour each and it is essentially formatted out as if there were 6 two hour movies. A crisis would come up and it would not be resolved until at least two hours later. This made it a bit more difficult to binge watch because it is like 6 1/2 movies. A smaller format would have made for easier watching. Keep that in mind when you read other reviews that say its like returning to Saturday morning cartoons.
Now there is plenty good about it as well. Voltron itself was amazing and they didn’t make it easy for the paladins to learn to use him. So that was good. There are individual story lines that were pretty good as well. Pidge has a family story line that was pretty compelling, Lance and Keith had a fun rivalry going that kept things light often times and Hunks whole demeanor played pretty well. But there were just too many thing that didn’t play well. Rhys Darby has a super grating voice and they made him the main comedy relief. That made it difficult to watch when I first started. They swapped around some characters. Commander Keith is not a commander. That job has been replaced by a new character Shiro. Now Shiro’s story was actually pretty awesome, but it still takes quite a bit away from the nostalgia factor.

It is enjoyable, very much so. But it changes things that should not be changed and I am old and set in my ways. Its definitely worth a watch, just keep in mind it might take you a bit to do so.

Todd Plays Fallout 4: Far Harbor – Pt. 1 {Minor Spoilers}

This is not your typical “Let’s Play” type of article as I won’t be going over every minute detail of the new Fallout 4 expansion Far Harbor. This is more so a veiled review disguised as a “Let’s Play” type of article because, well, everything I do is really just a way of not doing something else. Whatever this thing is, it is. So let’s get on with it.

I’ll start by saying #1 there will be minor spoilers in this article and #2 GO GET THIS GAME EXPANSION!! I’m maybe halfway through playing at this point and already I can safely say, you will not regret the price tag. Even if you didn’t think ahead and get the season pass before they raised the price, this game is worth whatever you paid for it.

There’s at least one new follower that I found and many new settlements from what I hear. New monsters and baddies, new weapons, new consumables (like the useless(?) rabbit leg. Am I supposed to eat this raw??) and a map that’s way too big to get in one single screenshot. Far Harbor is literally a WHOLE NEW GAME worth of content. Unless you’re some kind of asshole who wants it all for nothing, this expansion will NOT disappoint.

I’m giving this a 10/10. Perfect score. I have yet to finish the main Fallout 4 story (life, the universe & everything has kept me occupied otherwise) and Far Harbor is what it took to suck me back in. I can’t wait to finish this article and get back to playing.


It all started with a radio transmission from Ellie at Valentine’s Detective Agency informing me of a new case. I knew right away I had to leave my suped-up, badass companion, Codsworth, behind for this one.


After a brief swing by the Red Rocket trading outpost for some supplies I was on my way to Diamond City to see what in the actual fuck was going on .


I left Codsworth behind on a hunch that I’d be best off choosing Nick Valentine as my companion for whatever may come and let me say now, I was right. You don’t have to bring Nick and, in fact, the game doesn’t prompt you to at all from my experience but I can’t imagine how this expansion would have gone without him.


I arrived and was given my case specifics from Ellie. The details were sketchy. Summed up, I had to meet a man who may or may not know Nick from the past.


After about 10 hours of travel we reached the Nakano house at the ass-crack of dawn and our investigation began.


We meet with this vague Nakano character and learn he was involved in some ordeal with Nick where only the two of them survived and he knew that Nick was the only one he could rely on to help him find his daughter, Kasumi, who he believes to have been kidnapped.


Her mother has a slightly different take on why their daughter is missing.


Since I promised to keep the spoilers minor, I’ll just say it involves this radio…


By investigating her room and the house on a trail of holotapes Kasumi has recorded, we learn a few things about her; she likes to fix things, she has “these dreams” and she’s always felt there was something off about her. Basically she’s your typical teenager.


With that done we had all we needed. Dressed like right dicks, Nick Valentine and I set sail for Far Harbor. Did I mention… WE GET A BOAT!?!?!


After an undetermined amount of time, during which Nick must have been “napping” below deck, we arrived.


Fresh off the boat we are greeted by Captain Avery and her angry sidekick, so-and-so.


I chose to be honest with her about my intents on the island and she seemed very willing to help me locate Kasumi.


That is, until the fit hit the shan and the alarm bells rang out.


There’s a fog that consumes the entire island and nasties lurk within it, some of these nasties were coming for the gates. I had to help the people of Far Harbor in order to get their cooperation in my investigation.


The battle was explosive, as you can see below. Many died defending the gates of Far Harbor.


Sure, less would have died if I hadn’t been so focused on taking these pictures.


But in the end, the battle was won and I had gained the trust of the people of Far Harbor as well as the information I came here to seek. First, I would need to meet with a man named Longfellow at the local watering hole…


My thoughts exactly, Longfellow, my thoughts exactly.


After some drinks and provisions, I was off and my adventure really began. And that’s also where I have to end this article since I promised only minor spoilers in the title and from here on out, there’s no way to keep that promise.

I will say there’s so much more game and this is all just the tip of the iceberg. Get yourselves to the store of your choice and get this expansion in your life. If you’re a fan of the series this will 100% not disappoint. There is one thing that’s not so great about this game, there’s a simple and tedious series of puzzles you’ll have to play later on in order to progress the main story but I’ll get into that and literally EVERYTHING else in my next article, Todd Plays Fallout 4: Far Harbor – Pt. 2: SECRETS OF THE FOG!!! {MAJOR SPOILERS} 

Fair Warning: That 10/10 score could change by the time I write part 2 of this but I doubt it will. Hats off to the developers for delivering an excellent addition to one of my all-time favorite franchises.

Until next time, I’m Tad Gurgle and this was my first impression of Fallout 4: Far Harbor. Please and thank you?


WILD SPECULATION: Game of Thrones – How It All Ends

Firstly and foremost, I’m aware this thought may or may not be out there somewhere, this is the internet after all, but I haven’t found it yet. I did, however, find a bunch of theories that flat out blew my mind. Check this site some time after the current season ends as I’m sure I’ll wind up compiling and dissecting the best of the best for the curious geek out there.

Before I get into my wild speculation, I’d be an all out asshole if I didn’t direct you to our discussion of the most recent episode of Game of Thrones.

If you don’t know, we do numerous weekly series discussing all of our favorite shows and geekly properties. To find out more about our discussions check out our youtube @ Geeks of the Round

In each of our shows we end with the Wild Speculations of the individual panel members of the discussion and in that spirit I’m offering my own Wild Speculation right here on the site. Warning: There will be spoilers from this point on.

I’ve recently been thinking about the potential futility of Arya Stark’s storyline. Sure, you can call it a trial by fire where all she’s going through is building her up to… ? That’s the problem. I don’t know how to finish that sentence. To do what? What’s her end game, really? Most, if not all, of her relevant enemies are dead. All she has is a list of insignificant names. Sure they mean something to her but not so much to the bigger picture. How exactly is she going to fit in to the coming war? Was this all just conditioning to give us a fierce warrior? OK so that’s one more to the fight. Add that to 62 soldiers that Lyanna Mormont pledged to the new Stark army. Cool but not exactly a story worth telling in my opinion. That’s like 6 seasons of training Rocky for the big fight. I’m not saying I don’t want Rocky in the big fight I’m just saying when looking at the story as a whole, the idea of six seasons of training seems like a waste of story time. I can all but hear Mickey screaming, “Go get em already, Rock!” 

But my speculation isn’t about Arya, she’s just what “got me there”… I realize now, that sounds gross. Thinking about the way these segregated storylines could come together, I noticed a stark (no pun intended) contrast between the way Daenerys Targaryen’s story and the rest of the world has been unfolding. To start let me ask this, what is Game of Thrones really known for? What about the show put it on the map? As someone who avoided the show all the way until the 4th season, I can tell you the buzz I would hear about it was how brutal and unrelenting and shocking it was. Before I ever laid eyes on the show, the hype machine had me convinced something wicked that way waited. It did not let me down.

All of Westeros has been in turmoil since the show began. I don’t need to go into the details, you know what happened and none of it was good. Good for the viewer yes but I can’t think of many instances of “justice” for the characters in Westeros. Sure there have been plenty of feel good moments, like Tyrion’s speech at his trial and Brienne kicking ass but none of those situations were good. Tyrion was in the middle of losing it all. Brienne was fighting The Hound who was really not that bad of a guy when you consider how it went down. So the lines are always blurred. You’re never quite sure who to root for.

We can say there’s a lot going on at the Wall and with the Night’s Watch that could be considered classical tales of heroism but despite Castle Black and these characters existing in Westeros they are not what I consider to be a part of the Main Westeros Story. I think this is being told in four pieces; Greater Westeros (Basically every storyline, including Arya’s, that’s not covered in the following three), The Wall and Beyond (Jon Snow, Night’s Watch, White Walkers… Winter is Coming) Bran and the Raven (The Gods, The Children etc.) and The Other Side of the Sea (Daenerys, Dragons, etc etc.).

We can easily see how the first three pieces of the story work together. Westeros is already at war with itself. Jon Snow has come back from the dead to unite the peoples in order to stop a greater threat, The Night King and his “army of darkness” (pun intended). The Children created the White Walkers to counter man’s threat to the planet. Easy connect the dots for those three. Arya is the only sort of rouge element that’s a little less easy to connect. Yes, she was “born from the initial fire” in Westeros. All the horrors of season one are what sent her on her path but season one was a long time ago and a lot has changed since she’s been “in training”. Let’s be honest, I don’t even need those quotes, everything about her story has been training going all the way back the The Water Dancer and the first episodes. From the way things are unfolding, the only way she fits in is as a soldier in the war, not a leader. Not a “main player”.

Let’s put a pin in that for a few and move on to story #4. The Other Side of the Sea and the stark contrast I opened this theory with. Daenerys Targaryen has been a true success story. While we’ve been weeping for or fearing for or hating on the characters in the other three stories, we have consistently been rooting for and cheering on The Great Dragon Queen. She has been kicking ass and taking names all along. Even when she’s down she’s not broken and you can always count on her to get back up even stronger in just a few episodes time at most. And what story is being told here, what does she keep getting back up for? To take the Iron Throne.

We are clearly leading to her crossing the sea with a massive army to conquer Westeros (soon it may be comprised of warriors from both sides of the sea if all goes well with the defected Greyjoy clan’s arrival) but what exactly are the consequences of this victory? She has no clue of the greater thread that ties the first three parts of the story together. She doesn’t know about The Night King. The Spider could tell her and she can decide to use her army to help defend Westeros, that’s more than logical and it would 100% justifiably tie the 4 stories together, but then what? Will all of Westeros bow to her and lay down their arms? Would Tommen, or whoever holds the position by this time, just step aside and give her the Iron Throne? I doubt it but let’s say they went that way, besides being an outright lame and uninspired ending to the series and being completely in opposition to the initial value of the show, it would still leave Arya as a pointless waste of screen time. It would further solidify her role as Rocky Balboa in a six season training montage.

Even if the whole Jon Snow is a Targaryen theory is true and that is what they use as the justification for Daenerys using her army not against Westeros but for Westeros and Fire and Ice rule together with their trusted advisers made up of all our favorite characters, you know, the happy ending… it still leaves Arya as a loose and futile thread in a much larger web of story that is otherwise well connected. So what’s missing? How does Arya fit in to the bigger picture? What happens when Daenerys crosses the sea? What’s the point of this whole damn article?

Here it is, the only way my stupid brain can give any meaning to Arya’s story is… by taking away the meaning of it and then taking away the meaning of all of it. My wild speculation is this, there are no threads in Game of Thrones. None that matter at least. While I used to have my finger on Littlefinger as the big winner of it all and assumed they would end with the message that even against motives like revenge, honor, entitlement, etc… Money trumps all. Now, I’m convinced the show is really about futility. In the end nothing will have mattered. With roughly 16 episodes left until it’s all over, we only have time to finish what’s been started. After all is said and done, Daenerys will conquer Westeros. She will take the throne and only after she does will she learn…

She has doomed them all. She will have crippled mankind in their fight against the Night King and so will begin the longest winter. A Song of Fire and Ice is not a song about the union of two forces and triumph. It’s not the song sung about the heroes who saved man from destruction. A Song of Fire and Ice is a song about the two elements that led to the end of everything. A song sung by the dead in the wake of great tragedy. This Twilight Zone like twist is the only possible ending I can see that will fully justify 6 seasons of Arya training to.. again, to do what? It’s the only thing that can make this a complete story. Otherwise it will just be a series of tales. That’s fine too but it’s not what I’ve come to expect from this show.

If my theory is correct it would justify the lighter tone the current season has taken. We did 5 seasons of suffering now they can spend the rest of the time convincing us we will get justice just to pull the rug from under our feet in the finale with one last wicked and unjust twist.

And there you have it, my Wild Speculation for how it’s all gonna end. Simplified, Daenarys takes the throne only to discover she has doomed all of mankind by further separating a force that needed to be united in the face of total extinction. What do you think, internet? Am I making sense or is this just more mad dribble? Let us know in the comments and feel free to share your own Wild Speculations for how it’s all gonna end.


The Walking Dead – Issue 155 {SPOILER-FILLED} Review

Forgive my lateness on this one, I was actually fortunate enough to be working right around the corner from the only comic book store in a “thousand mile radius” on the day 155 came out but unfortunately I was working on a roof for 8 straight hours and wound up with the worst sunburn of my life. In fact, one of only maybe half a dozen sunburns I’ve ever had. I don’t burn, I brown. I’m fucking sexy like that.

Speaking of fucking sexy, 155 is the issue that finally, to me, justifies The Whisperers. I’ve been on the fence about them the whole time. I don’t know what it is, while clearly being a formidable threat, this hasn’t felt like a war Rick couldn’t win. Maybe it was Alpha. She showed her weakness in her initial interactions with Rick when sending her daughter to live in his communities. A leader who fears her own people indicates a people who are disorderly. Disorder breeds chaos and chaos cannot a war win.

On the Alexandria side of this issue we delve into the propaganda which Rick uses to solidify his leadership role, for the good of his people. On The Whisperers side we learn they may not be as disorderly as first impressed. Surprisingly, it’s not the arrival of Negan that gives The Whisperers some clout. It’s the second consecutive appearance of Beta that shows us we finally have something to fear. His loyalty to Alpha and fierce nature coupled with what seems to be pretty tight security and an organized home base proves to us that not only are these people fucked in the head but they do in fact have their shit together.

Somewhere in the middle of Alexandria and The Whisperers camp, but definitely on The Whisperers side of the border is where 155 actually began with Michonne defending a STILL ALIVE Aaron from Beta and his gathered crew. Just as it seems like she may swing her Katana for the last time, Dwight and his own team show up and save the day. Beta escapes with a few of his men and a newfound knowledge of Negan’s deception from the last issue that gained him access to Alpha and their camp. Michonne makes Dwight promise to go after him and get revenge before heading off to get Aaron to safety.

Next we go to The Whipserers base camp where Negan is still trying to “woo” Alpha. The interactions between the two are instant classics. Your mouth says no but your eyes say, “Fuck me until your dick breaks off inside me and fuses into some kind of Barbie doll crotch.” Alpha doesn’t take to his charms and responds with a WRACK! across his mouth. Then along comes Beta to inform Alpha that Negan lied his way into their camp. This information puts Negan in a jam and he seemingly breaks down and admits he was scared. He also admits, “When I’m scared out of my fucking mind and pissing my pants, in the manliest way possible, I will lie through my fucking teeth.” By the end of their conversation, Negan tells them everything from issue 100 until now. We are left with what looks like a possible alliance as he promises to have so much to offer The Whipserers.

The issue ends with Michonne arriving at Hilltop with Aaron but not before showing big man Carl in bed waking up next to Alpha’s daughter, AKA Not Sophia, AKA they were doing it. The very last pages bring us back to Dwight and his crew (Dwight – Whose place will soon be taken in the AMC show’s version of things by actor, Stephen Ogg. How’s that for a Wild Speculation? TV DWIGHT MUST DIE!!!). They finally made it out of The Whisperers land and when asked why didn’t they follow after Beta like they promised, Dwight responds, “You don’t get it, do you? We crossed their border and they KNOW IT. We engaged the enemy on THEIR territory. This was and act of war.”

Bone chilling or boner inducing! Your choice. Either way you won’t come off this issue with bad feelings unless you’re a total jerkface like our own, {NAME REDACTED} and {NAME REDACTED}. I’m Turd Grendle and this was my review of Walking Dead 155. Good day to you.