Marvel’s Secret Wars 2015

The main story arc of Marvel’s Secret Wars has finally come to an end, and while it was a truly exciting story at times, the ending was underwhelming.

Maybe it’s because the post event stories have already started, maybe it’s because the ending was predictable, or maybe it’s that the event ended because the story did, but the release of the final issue of the story registered as little more than a footnote, as far as my excitement for it is concerned.

The ending was pretty well telegraphed once Molecule Man was revealed as the source of Doom’s power. The fact that everything returned to something approaching normal means that, as transformative events go, it wasn’t much of one. The Battleworld showed us some of our favourite characters as very different versions of themselves, it put them in unfamiliar situations, and made some characters more interesting. It should have set up a Marvel world with some seriously fun changes, but instead it just fizzled out into an artistically beautiful, yet thoroughly predictable finale, and left the only truly interesting change as the new, supposedly improved, Victor Von Doom.

So there it is. The Secret Wars started with a bang, then, thanks to Molecule Man and Reed Richards, became an event that few characters in the Marvel universe will remember, and less impactful than other events like AvX, House of M, and Axis.

Ultimately, the Secret Wars event was greater than its core story. The side stories were much more entertaining than the core story, and the core story outlived the event for way too long. It’s still a good read, just to see how it all fits together.

Also, I’m annoyed that Elsa Bloodstone and Abigail Brand didn’t get their own series post event.

In other words, ignore my whining and read the damned comic. It gets a 4/5 rating.

Supergirl – Episode 10

Supergirl’s tenth episode brings us face-to-face with the Toyman, and gets a little deeper into the Maxwell Lord story arc.

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The Toyman is suitably creepy. No complaints there at all. The problem with this episode is that the Toyman story is not as imaginative as it could have been. It’s another example of how this series often lets the villain-of-the-week take a back seat to the story arc.

Some of the more interesting elements in this episode are: Lucy Lane gets a job at CatCo, J’onn J’onzz infiltrates Maxwell Lord’s secret lab and sees the secret project, and Kara and Winn have a heart-to-heart.

Alex distracts Maxwell Lord by going on a Date with him while J’onzz takes his shape and has a look around the lab. He finds the woman Lord’s been running experiments on and tries to get her out of there, but it doesn’t work out. Lord runs his own double gambit by planting a bug on Alex to discover that Alex and Supergirl are sisters.

This episode is good, but not great. It’s a set-up, more than a self contained episode. These things happen, and I’m looking forward to what happens next.

We Meet The Slowest Man Alive In This Weeks Flash

This week has the Flash, formerly known as The Fastest Man Alive, face off against The Turtle, who was dubbed The Slowest Man Alive. We get introduced to the character, who is played by Aaron Douglas (Chief Tyrell of Battlestar Galactica fame) as a small time thief who quit stealing right after the accelerator explosion almost two years ago. About three months ago he started back up stealing trinkets that people value instead of high value items. He then puts them on private display, including his own wife, but he wants to add The Flash’s most prized item on display as well, Patty Spivot.

This is where the story breaks down. No one knows or says why. No one seems to care and they gloss over the fact that super powers or not, this guy is pretty lame, not to mention creepy.


Eyes down here buddy!

During all of this, Patty Spivot, who is seemingly perfect for Barry, is starting to confront Barry about his strange behavior. The nightmares, the disappearances, the secrets. She mentions, and rightfully so, that she has been amazing about all of this, but its time to tell her whats going on. So Barry decides to do so, he decides to tell her he’s the Flash despite Harrison Wells urging not to, and just as he’s about to… Yes, you guessed it, he is interrupted by The Turtle. Then he hesitates to do so the next time they see each other, and the next time.. Until she breaks up with him. Barry may be a genius, but that does not stop him from being an idiot. A single idiot who has real long term chances with four very attractive ladies in two years, and blew his chance with all four.


Wally West likes to go fast? Who woulda thunk it?

We can wrap this up with the incidentals. Wally West and Joe West butt heads a little before they make up and have Chinese food. Apparently Wally West loves speed in the form of street racing, much to Joe’s dismay. Harrison Wells grabbed part of The Turtle’s brain, presumably to slow down either Flash or Zoom, depending on what team you think he’s playing on. Lastly we see Reverse Flash run in, presumably from not only far in the future, but also from another Earth, most likely Earth 2.

Due to hating both the villain and Barry’s incompetence, I will give this 3 our of 5 stars. It was more enjoyable than most TV out there, but sub-par for a Flash episode. So what do you think? Did you like the episode? Tell us about it in the comments!


This Newest Suicide Squad Trailer Is Action Packed

I will admit, I was not impressed by the idea of a Suicide Squad movie. Having seen the animated movie and not been impressed, a live action version does not seem all that appealing.

But man, does this trailer look good. It starts out establishing the concept of The Suicide Squad and then shows up more action than I have seen in a trailer in a very long time. Throw in some Jared Leto‘s Joker and a lot of Margot Robbie‘s Harley Quinn, and you have an amazing trailer. You should check it out!

So what do you think? Does DC have a winner here? The movie does not release until August 5th, so do you think they are showing us too much? Tell us in the comments!