Supergirl – Episode 7

Not sure I can say much before I can get into the spoilers. It’s a big episode! Read on after the image.


Martian Manhunter! Hank Henshaw’s character, in a huge divergence from comic book canon, turns out to be J’onn J’onzz! It turns out that Kara’s foster father, along with Hank Henshaw, died to save the last son of Mars. They were sent to deal with him, but they found him to be a good guy. Things went sideways, and they ended up losing their lives to let him go. Their sacrifice let him take Henshaw’s place in the DEO.


Okay, getting back to the cliffhanger from last week, Supergirl’s still powerless. She burnt out her powers in the fight with Red Tornado last week. This gives us a chance to see who she is when she’s not invincible. Of course, this means it’s earthquake time in National City. It turns out she’s strong enough to talk a guy into giving up his gun, even when she has a broken arm. This, of course, leads to a tender moment with Jimmy Olsen, and shows the ugly side of Winn. His jealousy flares, and he refuses to listen. Winn is becoming annoying. He’s carrying a torch for Kara, we know this, but he also knows she doesn’t feel the same way, so why is he trying to bring her down? I hope that behaviour stops, but then, it’s also possibly a gateway for him to turn into Toyman, although I think the possibility of that is remote, simply because there’s not a good way to have him turn bad and still know Supergirl’s secret identity.

Meanwhile Maxwell Lord switches to being anti-Supergirl again, and this leads to Cat stepping in to defend the absent hero.

A lot more happened in this episode, but it was all overshadowed by the reveal of the Martian Manhunter. How he will fit into the series, considering Hank Henshaw is a regular, will be interesting. If he ends up being a mentor, that could work, but I prefer Cat as the mentor. If he’s a supporting hero, that would work best, but if he ends up as Supergirl’s saviour more than once, It’ll ruin the show’s attempts to distance itself from the furore created by its trailer’s similarity to that sketch.

I’ll return with more from Supergirl after the next episode. Let me know your thoughts in the comments!


Drawn Dispatches – 12/08

Those of you who loved the 1814 series from the Battleworld will be as overjoyed as I am about Red Wolf. The story starts where 1814 left off, with Red Wolf as the sheriff of Timely. The comic seems to follow the standard formula of a first issue – introducing new characters, including his mother, and a foe for him to chase. Many of the others from the Battleworld series don’t get an appearance, separating this from the Secret Wars. The only thing is that his foe seems to have access to weapons that don’t fit into the time period. You’ll have to read the comic to find out how it ends up with someone tweeting a picture of the Red Wolf!

Spidey (2015-) 001-000

Spidey issue 1 takes us back to the good old days of Spider-Man, and it’s beautiful! We get to see a Spidey that’s just starting out, but in the modern world. He’s back to a simpler time, where he doesn’t have a lot of the baggage. He’s funny, carefree, and innocent. It’s worth reading just as a look back without having to travel back in time. A wonderful comic!

Invincible Iron Man (2015-) 004-000

Invincible Iron Man, now up to issue 4, still has Doom being uncharacteristically helpful, and it’s blowing Tony Stark’s mind. There is a moonlight ninja fight beach party, a visit to see sick kids at the hospital, and a Mary Jane concert. There’s also Madam Masque and a lot of magic. Stepping away from this specific issue and looking at the series so far, this has quickly become my favourite version of Tony Stark. He’s found something to aspire to in these first few issues, and he’s looking seriously at self improvement. The appearance of Doom as a handsome, apparently good person, has thrown him for more of a loop than he could have guessed.

There was a lot more I could have talked about this week, but Spidey put me in a whimsical mood. Let me know in the comments what you thought of the comics I’ve talked about!

Supergirl – Episode 6

This episode of Supergirl highlights another gender disparity in the world; that men are allowed to be violent, but women are not. If a male hero goes head to head against an arsehole, nobody cares. If a woman does, it scares children.

I feel I have to say this: Women are human beings. Women and men have an equal right to the whole gamut of human emotion. To suggest otherwise is just weird.

Okay, on with the review.


One thing that Supergirl has been weak on is the end of episode cliffhanger. That improved last week, and the knocked it out of the park this week. A truly WTF moment where I, for one, need to know more NOW!

Supergirl shows that she’s not all sunshine, rainbows, and geeky rom-com awkwardness. She gets mad. This is a good thing. She shows that even when furious at a guy getting into her face (really stupid guy), she doesn’t kill him, even though it would be easy for her to. Of course, she gets into trouble for it, and is accused of scaring children by being angry, because, of course, an angry woman is terrifying. Pfffffffft. While Kara tries to figure out why she’s angry, the source of Cat’s anger appears in person; her mother – Katherine Grant. This leads to more bonding and advice going back and forth between Kara and Cat. The relationship between the two of them is taking over from Kara’s doe eyed looks at Jimmy. I’m liking that the most important relationship on the show so far is not a romantic one. Cat will get Kara ready to be the best Kara she can be.

This episode saw appearances from General Lane, Red Tornado, and T. O. Morrow. Red Tornado, in this case, is before he turns good. He’s under Morrow’s control. The fights take a back seat to Kara discovering that the source of her anger is her mother (another thing in common with Cat), and her inability to have a normal life.

The romantic subplot seems to be shifting focus to Alex Danvers and Maxwell Lord. In this episode he becomes a help rather than a hindrance, making him less of a stereotype. I’m still not sure where they’re going with him – One week I hate him, the next week, he’s pretty cool. We’ll see how this goes.

Following on from discovering that Kara’s foster father died while working with the DEO, the team discovers that Hank Henshaw was the last person to see Jeremiah Danvers alive. There are more hints as to how Henshaw may have gotten his powers in a botched operation.

And then, right after another great Kara/Cat scene, Kara cuts herself on a piece of glass. End scene.

As much as I hate cliffhangers, I had to admire this one. Right when everything looks awesome – Boom. What did you think of this episode? What do you think has happened to Kara’s powers?

Final Fantasy Remake Trailer Is Amazing

Released today at PlayStation Experience 2015, this trailer for the upcoming full remake of the classic Final Fantasy VII absolutely blew me away.  This was the game that really got me into RPGs in the first place, and the thought of it coming back looking like this…enough words.  Check it out for yourself!

Holy crap!  This game can’t come out soon enough.  What do you think?  Let us know in the comments!