Secret Wars – Week Seventeen

The Secret Wars is certainly a marathon event! Seventeen weeks, and it’s still filled with amazing stories, like a new chapter of Marvel Zombies!

Yes, I’ve become a huge fan of Elsa Bloodstone, and this latest chapter doesn’t disappoint. When we left Elsa last, her little companion was captured by a bunch of Zombies who had found a renewable source of brains in Deadpool.

Elsa rescues the kid, who we find out is a girl, blows up Deadpool (It was an act of mercy, honest!), and escapes. Only the mysterious figure that has been stalking them (that I may or may not have mentioned previously) catches up with them, and he’s an unexpected figure who seems to be hunting every incarnation of Elsa he can find. Go read to find out who he is.

Civil War (2015-) 003-000

Next up from this week is Civil War. Spider-Man‘s mission looks like it’s all going wrong, just like She-Hulk‘s. Spidey manages to pull off the mission after Elektra is killed by Stark‘s version of the Sentinels, while Jennifer manages to convince an ageing Professor X that she’s just a lawyer. That, of course, glosses over one important character – a Wilson Fisk who has been taken over by Doc Ock‘s arms.

Jennifer find Bullseye and confirms that he was the one who shot Miriam Sharpe, only to come face-to-face with Speedball (he was the guy who accidentally blew up a school and started the Civil War story). Speedball recognises Jennifer and calls for backup.

Back in the Iron, Venom/Hawkeye shoots Fisk/Ock through the head with Elektra’s chuck. Yes, that’s as gruesome and awesome as it sounds.

By the end of the comic, Jennifer is captured by T’challa (who everyone thinks is dead), and Spidey and his team returns with all they went out there for.


This week was chock full of very good stories, so a third to cover was difficult to choose. The fact that I chose Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars might not surprise many, but there’s also a new M.O.D.O.K. Assassin, which you’l have to read for yourselves!

In this final issue of Deadpool‘s foray into the first Secret War, Wade and Janet Van Dyne (Wasp) wake up after a night of grown-up fun. Fast forward to after Zsaji resurrects all the heroes, and Wade is back to looking like an avocado had sex with an older avocado. After a face-off with Doom, Deadpool gets transported to the Beyonder‘s pocket dimension and saves the day after an epic fourth wall break. The ending reminds you that Wade Wilson is an old romantic at heart.

And that’s all for this week. Join me next week for more from the Battleworld!

First Look At Michael Fassbender In Assassin’s Creed And My Thoughts On It

Well hello everyone! Here we are again, bringing all you awesome folks a new article to feast your eye’s upon. This time around I’m here to show you the first official photo of Michael Fassbender in the upcoming Assassin’s Creed movie. And I must say, Michael Fassbender looks awesome!


Michael Fassbender as Callum Lynch in Assassin’s Creed (2016). Image owned by 20th Century Fox

After seeing this photo I definitely have hopes for this movie, maybe not high hopes, but hopes nonetheless. Despite this image being freaking awesome, Assassin’s Creed is after all a “video game movie” and most if not all previous movies based off of video games have not done well in the box office or in the opinions of the audience. However, the way they are setting this movie up is actually giving this movie promise. A good example of this set up would be the fact that this game is based in the same universe as the popular games, yes you read that right, the Assassin’s Creed movie and video games will be in the same universe, a shared universe between big screen and your respective game console (or PC gaming rig). Personally I think this is fantastic news and I for one cannot wait for this movie to come out.

Along with the image we also received new (however limited) info on the premise of the film. Now as I stated that the Assassin’s Creed movie will be based in the same universe as the games, the movie will introduce new characters to said shared universe starting with Michael Fassbender playing Callum Lynch. For those of you that are curious, I have provided the synopsis below for your reading pleasure.

“Through a revolutionary technology Lynch unlocks his genetic memories that allow him to relive the adventures of his ancestor, Aguilar. He discovers he is descended from a mysterious secret society, the Assassins, and amasses incredible knowledge and skills to take on the oppressive and powerful Knights Templar in the present day.

That’s pretty damn vague, but then again, it’s still really early in production. I’m sure we’ll get more info over the coming months. Anyway things are looking good for Assassin’s Creed so far and I hope it only gets better. Assassin’s Creed is set to release on December 21st 2016 so mark your calendars, I know I will.

So what do you think about the first official image of Michael Fassbender as Callum Lynch in the upcoming Assassin’s Creed movie? Love it? Hate it? Don’t care? Let us know in the comments. And be sure to check out our YouTube channel and take a gander at our various discussion vidcasts. And don’t forget to let us know if you want to join in on any of our discussions, we’d love to have you and we’re always looking to bring in new people with fresh opinions. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time. Bye bye!

Secret Wars – Week Sixteen

Kicking off this week with Captain Britain and the Mighty Defenders!

When we left Dr. Faiza Hussain last, she was captured in a very 2000AD-esque world. She’s still a prisoner, and as she’s being interrogated by a Luke Cage clone, War Machine, who looks more like a tank in this one (seriously, read this comic to see War Machine) guards the captives from Yinsen.

While I loved every minute of reading this comic, it seems like it’s only two issues. Even then, Captain Britain gets to take apart a very sick chair, gets her sword back, and even brokers peace. The twist? She was working for Doom all the time!

Howard the Human (2015) 001-000

Next up is Howard the Human. This one is an excellent concept, as far as I’m concerned. A reversal of the original Howard the Duck story where Howard is a human transported to an alien planet peopled with animals. The duck as a film noir style detective in a human world was a fun concept, but this reversal much more compelling. Howard is pretty much the same character as his duck counterpart, but his snark is more edgy because, let’s face it, he’s not a duck. This comic is fun for lovers and haters of Howard the Duck!

1872 002-000

Finally, this week, I’m going to talk about 1872. This comic still shows no signs of super powers. Sheriff Steve Rogers and his prisoner, Red Wolf, find themselves abandoned to their fates by the law, and they come face to face with Mr. Lester (Bullseye), Grizzly, Elektra, and Otto Octavius. Otto doesn’t have extra arms, but he does have extra guns on short mechanical arms under his coat.

Steve Rogers ends up shot in the back by Lester, and is then fed to the pigs by Wilson Fisk. Not a good way to go. Red Wolf ends up being hidden by Natasha Barnes, Bucky’s widow, who blames him for Bucky being scalped. The death of the sheriff hits Tony Stark hard, and a stranger who gives him a fortune from Tony’s fortune telling machine, Vision, prompts him into action. The comic ends with Tony building something, and Ben Urich, our narrator, determined to tell the truth.

There are many awesome stories out there in the Battleworld. Join me next week to see what happens in a few more of them!

DeAno’s Perspective: Fear the Walking Dead Episode 101

Spin offs are interesting things.  Sometimes they can be really great and serve as a great extension to the original universe (like The Flash is to Arrow), and sometimes they just don’t work out (The Finder quickly got cancelled after spinning off from Bones).  Which side of things does the spin off from AMC’s hit show The Walking Dead fall into?

Well, I’m honestly not sure yet.

FtWD Cast

Madison Clark (Kim Dickens), Travis Manawa (Cliff Curtis), Alicia Clark (Alycia Debnam-Carey), ans Nick Clark (Frank Dillane)

The original show kicked off after the fall of man to the geek/biter/walker hoards, but Fear the Walking Dead takes us back to the events that were taking place while good ol’ Rick Grimes was peacefully resting in his coma.  The dead coming back to turn humanity into Happy Meals is little more than internet rumors as we start this series off with Nick (Frank Dillane) waking up from a heroin filled night of fun with his friends, only to find one of his friends dead and a second friend being eaten by his girlfriend.  Understandably he gets the hell out of Dodge only to be hit by a car, and it’s in the hospital that we meet more of our main cast.

All the actors in this show seem to be doing a good job in their roles, and the roles are written well, so let me go ahead and skip all that and get to the part that I’m having issues with: the pacing.  This inaugural season of FtWD is only six episodes long, which isn’t really a lot of time to work with.  The first episode of The Walking Dead started off slow, but by the time we got to the end of it we were rolling.  Here, not so much.  In this pilot, things started at a crawl and sort of ended at a medium-high stumble.  I watched this episode several times to see if that initial evaluation would go away, but it just hasn’t.  For a 90 minute premiere, I was expecting more.

Screenshot (8)

Having said that, the characters are so far interesting and dynamic, and I’m kinda looking forward to seeing what happens with their personal dramas when they start to realize how completely and irretrievably screwed they are.  Gonna keep watching, but they need to pick things up.  Quickly.

So, that’s my random rambling.  Yesterday we asked some of you on our Google+ Page what you thought of it, and reactions were surprisingly mixed.  Let’s keep the conversation going here in the comments, and I’ll see you next week when we take a look at episode 102, “So Close, Yet So Far.”


Show Details

Network: AMC
Starring: Kim Dickens, Cliff Curtis, Frank Dillane, Alycia Debnam-Carey, Elizabeth Rodriguez, Mercedes Mason, Lorenzo James Henrie, and Rubén Blades.
Created By:  Robert Kirkman and Dave Erickson.
Availability: Show is aired weekly on AMC Sunday nights in the U.S.A.  First season is six episodes.

Mr. Robot Discovers That There Is No Place Like Home

I think I’m pretty fucking far from okay!

First off, I have to start with my evaluation of the show first instead of at the end where it normally is. This episode was great!… IF you didn’t figure out the twist many episodes back. If you were reading these reviews where I mentioned my suspicions or had figured it out yourself, it was still pretty darn good though.

So yes, we find out that Elliot (played by Rami Malek)  is not only forgetful, but batshit insane. Mr. Robot IS a creation of his own mind, modeled after his own father.

We start the episode with a young, not yet crazy Elliot stealing from one of his fathers customers and his father giving him a pass. The idea behind not punishing him was “that guy was a prick, sometimes that matter’s more”.  This, of course, give a young mind the idea that breaking the law isn’t always so bad.

Then we jump to Mr. Robot, soon to be known as Edward Alderson (played by Christian Slater) talking to Elliot, but explaining very little. Elliot is extremely upset and yelling and instead of alerting the men following Elliot (whom we also believe to be imaginary), he wants to take him to show him something. So the two of them disappear on a day trip.

A very concerned Darlene (Carly Chaikin) realizes that Elliot is missing and teams up with Angela (Portia Doubleday) to find him. They, both separately and together, check all the places he might disappear to. This is apparently not Elliot’s first “episode”.

As they are traveling, Elliot and his father recount stories with Elliot repeatedly mentioning that his father was dead for 20 years now. He also told stories about how they would go on the train and how Elliot would calculate the safest train cars for them to be in going towards their destination, and how he would choose the most dangerous train car going back because he enjoyed the trips that much that he didn’t want them to end. This gives a little insight on Elliot’s mindset from an early age.

Not part of the tour is their house growing up, but Elliot insisted. Its in his former room that Elliot remembers his father pushing him out a window, similarly to how he pushed Elliot off the pier. Elliot’s father insists that it wasn’t him, but actually Elliot feeling guilty for telling people his fathers secret, which of course has not been disclosed yet. Elliot has none of that and actually throws his father out the window.

Later, they are seen running through a graveyard when Angela and Darlene catch up with them. Elliott’s dad apologizes to him and swears that even though Angela and Darlene will try and separate them, he will never leave Elliot. The girls arrive, Elliot’s father disappears, uncovering the grave they had stopped at. Edward Alderson. Elliot’s father. This is when Elliot comes to the full realization that Mr. Robot.. his father.. was a figment of his imagination. He is the real Mr. Robot.

Angela and Darlene decide to nurse him back to sanity and the episode ends.. right? Wrong!

The Tyrell Wellwick (played by Martin Wallström) story took a turn. After being accused (rightfully) of killing a coworkers wife and being told the only way he can be a husband to his wife and father to his newborn baby is to get his promotion. This leads me to think.. “Game On!”, but no, his very next scene he is getting fired for even being implemented in the investigation. So where does he go? To visit Elliot of course! He threatens Elliot’s life and then Elliot tells Tyrell everything. Shows him the lair, gives him the plan, the whole nine yards. The only information he withholds in the fact he is working with a team. What? But wait! The lairs popcorn machine is poppin’, and as you may recall, Elliot stashed a gun in their! How greasy must that gun be? So I am hoping that Tyrell won’t make it out of the first couple minutes of next episode.

Two more things. Elliot’s boss Gideon Goddard (played by Michael Gill) is doing everything he can to catch the hackers that hacked AllSafe, primarily by reestablishing a safety precaution Elliot took care of last episode. Unfortunately for him, everyone that would help him is otherwise disposed. Tyrell was fired and Tyrell’s boss is in mourning for his dead wife.

Lastly Angela is confronted at her home and offered a job at Evil Corp. She flat out says she won’t take it, but Terry Colby, the man who offered it to her, leaves the door open for one day if she is to change her mind.

So did you like it? Did you catch the Pulp Fiction references? I caught at least two, the movie and the quote I put at the top of the article. (Which is ALMOST an exact quote, it’s off by one word). Tell us what you thought in the comments!