The Walking Dead Episode 516 Discussion

Morgan’s back! Morgan’s back! Morgan’s back! Also some other stuff apparently happened. DeAno and the GotR crew gather to go over the events of the season five finale, “Conquer.”

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Dragon Age: Inquisition DLC drops for PS3 and PS4 in May. Is it already too late?

The newest addition to the Dragon Age series, Dragon Age: Inquisition is a sight to behold. In this writers opinion the second best game since Skyrim (next to GTA:V of course).  The story line was solid, the characters were believable, the graphics were amazing and dragons.. SO MANY DRAGONS!!


This guy is just looking for a friend to cuddle with!

So, many months later Bioware announces the first DLC for the game, “Jaws of Hakkon.” This new DLC explores the final days of the previous Inquisitor and a dragon of legend he was pursuing.  The DLC was announced a week ago and was instantly downloadable for the PC, X360, and XBox One consoles (To be fair, I use Origin, so I had to wait until the next morning to download it).

However just today Bioware has now announced that JoH will be released for PS3 and PS4 as early as May of this year. Now many are going to find this as a surprise because Microsoft has previously locked DLC down for a year, and honestly that’s what was expected this time. Gamers having to wait two months for something that they feel is a finished product being withheld from them so Bioware can make a little money on the side? It’s not going over well. The fact that its ONLY two months as opposed to a year will be a comfort to some, but I doubt that everyone that would have bought the DLC will buy any of it now.

So what do you think? Will you buy it when it comes out in May? Do you have it already? Lastly, if you do have it already, do you think it is worth the 15 dollars you paid?

Todd’s Take: A Counter-Point on AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead Teaser

Last night Mr. Matthew (Jedediah?) Moore took to the internets to unleash his fury in the name of Geeks of the Round on AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead teaser trailer that aired during the Season 5 Finale of The Walking Dead.

To sum it up… he hated it. A lot.

I had to hit the clickity clackity and transmit my own thoughts across the whirly tubes as soon as I read it… OK maybe about 8 or 9 hours later but still, I came here with my own form of passion.

So here’s my counter-point to Mr. Moore and the Geeks of the Round’s opinion on the teaser.


Seriously! I thought it was downright AWESOME! First off, it’s a teaser. I never would have expected more than a glimpse of a character or some sort of action and I’m not at all upset that we didn’t get that. For a teaser I thought it did exactly that. In it’s very short time it confirmed, in the pics or it didn’t happen way, that this is going back to the beginning. We are going to see the outbreak! I don’t need to know anymore right now. They sold me and everyone in the room with me (and everyone I’ve talked to since) with what little they gave.

It was an excellent tease and now I’m drooling like the good little fanboy they were hoping for. Thank you AMC. Take my Money.

Geeks of the Round is PISSED At The Fear the Walking Dead Teaser

“Give me something to work with!”
“Give me something to be excited about!”


Did they cut this trailer into a teaser? Could the current cut of the show be THAT bad?

These are both quotes I can hear being yelled from my front room this very moment (thank you DeAno Jackson for those quotes) =).

We here at Geeks of the Round are looking forward to a new The Walking Dead property…or at least we were.

We were promised a trailer among tonight’s season finale and all we got was 15 seconds with almost no content whatsoever.  That…didn’t happen.  No characters, ALMOST no story, nothing to actually make us want to watch Fear the Walking Dead.

So tell us, what do you think about this rip-off of a teaser?

My only comments of substance from this trailer is.. are the creators anti-vaxxers?

Lobo: Violent Wind of Change Coming to DCU

Wow. Things are going to get pretty interesting in the DCU come June. After a two month break for some super-special event called “Convergence” (Google here I come), DC will be sort-of retooling Lobo once again.


Getting closer to the MAIN MAN every issue…

This new version will be darker and more violent than his New 52 predecessor but still follow the story laid out in issues 1-6 but with a deeper tie to the main DCU. Issue 7 and on will see Lobo in a “Hard-Boiled Cosmic Crime Story” seeking out the ones who put out the contract on his homeworld to get his due pay and in the course of that they will be sending him after some “heavy hitters” as the company plans to allow Lobo to finally claim his place as a major force in the DCU. (In an interview with an outlet called NewsaramaCullen Bunn had this to say – “Even though he’s in space now, Lobo will be more connected to the DC Universe than he was in the first six issues. He’ll be running into a few established heroes and villains. From this point forward, he becomes a big part of DC’s cosmic realm. / Along the way, Lobo is going to encounter a group called the Void Whisper who might be able to get him closer to his goal… but only if he agrees to pull a few jobs for them. That gets Lobo doing what he does best — tracking down and eliminating targets. This time around, though, his targets are some real heavy hitters in the DC Universe.”)

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 6.14.12 AM

OK… So maybe Supergirl isn’t a “Heavy Hitter” but that pic was too funny not to include.

What’s that mean?

Let’s think about this for a second… They want Lobo to be solidified as a major force in the coming years at DC. They are sending him after a set of “heavy hitters”. The following arc will be cosmic (because you know, they want that Guardians of the Galaxy $$$ and with a property like L.E.G.I.O.N waiting to be made into a cosmic blockbuster they might as well start speeding up the process to get that $$$) And lastly… LOBO ALWAYS GETS HIS MAN.

What does this all add up to?
Goodbye Green Lantern(s).

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 6.12.01 AM

He’s talking about the butt.

But which one(s) will it be?

My money is on Guy Gardner because they are known to be enemies, though this is a different Lobo.
I think there’s also a really good chance it will be Hal Jordan instead or even in addition to Gardner. Jordan’s pretty much held the mantle as one of the most known Lanterns forever.

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 6.11.24 AM

Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio, a fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy. He hath bore me on his back a thousand times, and now how abhorr’d in my imagination it is! My gorge rises at it.

Is it time for the torch to be passed? A truly shocking & permanent death at the hands a truly brutal foe. Major death = major news and they’ve got about a thousand other Lanterns who can step up and take Hal’s place as the fan fave (cough cough John Stewart.)

Am I crazy to think a major Lantern is about to meet his end?

Tell us what you all think in the comments… Who’s going to end up at the feet of the ‘Bo?

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 6.22.55 AM

One thing we know for sure… Santa is safe in the DCU…. for now.